We want to inform our customers that the products we sell, such as fence panels, posts, timber lengths, and concrete products, are made of natural materials. Wood is a natural product, and as such, there may be slight shade differences between each panel, post, or timber length, and knots might be missing due to natural occurrence. Large timber sections may also have dry line splits, which do not affect their performance or use, as they are caused by the natural drying process. 
Similarly, concrete products such as gravel boards, posts, etc., may have hairline cracks or chips, which we will do our best to sort through. Fence panels may occasionally have missed nails, which do not affect their performance. We manufacture our products at a quick and tight deadline, so sometimes these issues may arise. 
Please note that panels and concrete products come to us in a certain standard, which we pass on to our customers. However, very minor scuffs may occur during loading and unloading, which are to be expected. These can easily be sorted out when you come to paint or treat the product. 
We carefully inspect all products before sending them out, but if something is broken, we will not send it out. However, we do not accept any responsibility for loss or damage arising from products sold by us. 
We advise our customers to check all products carefully upon delivery and contact us immediately if there are any concerns. Thank you for choosing our products. 
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